The use of plastering mortar should be determined by the facade dimensional precision and wall structure of buildings. For example, since the brick structure wall has many mortar joints between blocks and large dimensional deviation of blocks, ordinary plastering mortar is usually used. As for reinforced concrete structure, if the dimensional accuracy deviation of template.. read more →

The performance of mortar before hardening is the operability of mortar, specifically manifested in the consistency, layering degree, water retention, density and setting time.   The consistency index reflects the softness of mortar. If the consistency is great, mortar will be soft and easy for spreading; if the consistency is small, mortar will be relatively.. read more →

Q: What are the varieties of cement? And its characteristics? A: According to the composition, cement can be divided into Portland cement, aluminate cement and sulphoaluminate cement, etc. Portland cement is the most consumable and most widely used category of cement in civil and architectural engineering, with Portland cement clinker as the major component. According.. read more →