Most mortar is applied onto the surface of buildings, such as plastering mortar, floor mortar, waterproof mortar and decorative mortar, etc. Mortar has a very large contact area with the surrounding environment, so that the moisture in mortar is very easy to lose. In addition, the used site of mortar is not easy for conservation… read more →

Q: What is gypsum-based mortar? A: Gypsum-based mortar is mainly composed of hemihydrate gypsum coupled with corresponding auxiliary materials and chemical admixtures, made by uniform mixing. In terms of using performance, generally it can be divided into gypsum-based plastering mortar for wall plastering and gypsum-based self-leveling mortar for ground leveling.     Q: What is.. read more →

Gypsum putty is also known as wall scraping putty, a powdery material with building gypsum powder and talcum powder as main materials, mixed with a small amount of gypsum modifier. When using it, add water to stir evenly and level the wall by blade coating. It is the ideal base material for spraying coating and.. read more →

(1) Building Gypsum Powder Building gypsum powder is the main material of gypsum putty and the basic material to ensure the bond strength and impact strength, so there are stricter requirements for its quality. Physical Properties Fineness: all through 120-mesh sieve; Initial Setting Time: no less than 6min Final Setting Time: Less than 30min 2h.. read more →

Plastering mortar is a functional material rather than a structural material, and mainly plays the role of protecting the wall, in addition to leveling the wall. The quality of plastering mortar is ultimately reflected in its project quality. The main problems existing in plastering mortar are cracking, hollowing and shedding, for which a major reason.. read more →