The consistency of wet-mixed masonry mortar is mainly determined by such factors as the type of block material, climatic conditions for construction, distance and conditions of transport, of which the type of block material is the main factor, related to the property and size of block material. If the block material is great in density.. read more →

The amount of water used for masonry mortar is 260-300 kg/m³, and the amount of cement used for traditional masonry mortar is 180-300kg/ m³. The main role of controlling the water retention rate is to ensure that too much moisture of mortar will not be absorbed by block materials before setting and hardening, and that.. read more →

Aerated concrete is the porous structure, with many air vents inside. Pores of good quality are closed circular ones; while those of poor quality are continuous through pores. The porosity of aerated concrete is generally 65%-75%, with the maximum up to 80%.   When the traditional laying method is used in construction, sintered solid clay.. read more →