High Substitute Hydroxypropyl Cellulose

High-Substitute Hydroxypropyl Cellulose(H-HPC)

Brief Introduction

SidleyCel® H-HPC can be used as a binder in pharmaceutical field such as tablet and particle binder, which can increase the stability and hardness of tablets. H-HPC has excellent film-forming property and film can be tenacious and elastic. It’s also an excellent film coating material.

Technical Specifications

Item Unit Standard
Hydroxypropoxy % 55.0~77.0
Loss on drying % ≤7.0
Residue on ignition % ≤1.0
PH 5.0~8.0


Types Viscosity Concentration in water,Weight,%
M 4000-6500 2%
G 150-400 2%
J 150-400 5%
L 75-150 5%

Package and storage

25KG/barrel; or customized packing.

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