Today the market for natural polymer in the U.S. is predominantly motivated by the increase in the requirement for non petroleum based and eco-friendly products. Moreover natural polymer market is becoming more popular because of its increasing demand for pharmaceutical applications such as excipients, binder and filler in directly compressed drugs, wound dressing, and the.. read more →

Company: Sidley Chemical Co., Ltd. Business Nature: Manufacturer Country/Region: China Hall No.: 3.2 Zone No.: 8 Booth No.: 3.2H27 Sidley Chemical Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the application development and production of construction chemicals such as drymix mortar and coating additives and provide customers with cellulose ethers(HPMC/RDP/HEC/CMC), redispersible polymer powder and other products, covering fields of drymix mortar,.. read more →

As an important derivative of cellulose , cellulose ether has the following properties. (1) The solubility of soluble cellulose ether in alkaline water solution, water or organic solvent depends on the nature of the etherified group and its degree of substitution (DS). Substances with a DS value below 0.1 are generally insoluble and differ from.. read more →

Corona virus can be killed at 75% concentration of alcohol. Using alcohol hand sanitizer to clean hands can help to protect health and block the spread of the virus. There is a large demand of hand sanitizers globally, which has caused the raw material- Carbomer 940 continues to be out of stock and the prices soared. To cope with the shortage of Carbomer, HPMC was introduced to be.. read more →

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose and Methylcellulose are water soluble ethers with excellent performance, suitable for building coatings as retarders, water-retaining agents, thickeners and binders. HPMC and MC have already been used in plaster, cement, lime and mortar. In cement proportion, it function as a retarder and water-retaining agent; while in concrete composition and mortar, it can improve.. read more →