Gypsum Based Plasters, Machine Applied
Gypsum Based Plasters, Hand Applied
Gypsum Based Smoothing Mortar
Gypsum Based Joint Fillers
Tape Joint Compound

Gypsum based products, such as plasters and joint fillers, very often give internal walls the ‘final touch’. A smooth, even and durable surface is the desired end-result. Customers expect plasters to be easily workable as well as to provide high shear stability and absence of sagging during application.

With the development of the cause of building decoration, in particular gypsum building materials continue to develop. For example, the construction of gypsum board used for partition within the wall requires the binder with a longer setting time; while the gypsum lines and decorative plaster used for construction requires the binder with a faster setting.. read more →

Gypsum putty is also known as wall scraping putty, a powdery material with building gypsum powder and talcum powder as main materials, mixed with a small amount of gypsum modifier. When using it, add water to stir evenly and level the wall by blade coating. It is the ideal base material for spraying coating and.. read more →