With the development of the cause of building decoration, in particular gypsum building materials continue to develop. For example, the construction of gypsum board used for partition within the wall requires the binder with a longer setting time; while the gypsum lines and decorative plaster used for construction requires the binder with a faster setting.. read more →

The building gypsum is the main raw material that guarantees the bond strength of adhesive plaster, and should meet the requirements of national standard GB / T 9776-2008.   As for the setting time of building gypsum, the standard requires that the initial setting be greater than 6min and that the final setting be less.. read more →

Most mortar is applied onto the surface of buildings, such as plastering mortar, floor mortar, waterproof mortar and decorative mortar, etc. Mortar has a very large contact area with the surrounding environment, so that the moisture in mortar is very easy to lose. In addition, the used site of mortar is not easy for conservation… read more →

Q: What is gypsum-based mortar? A: Gypsum-based mortar is mainly composed of hemihydrate gypsum coupled with corresponding auxiliary materials and chemical admixtures, made by uniform mixing. In terms of using performance, generally it can be divided into gypsum-based plastering mortar for wall plastering and gypsum-based self-leveling mortar for ground leveling.     Q: What is.. read more →