Q: What is gypsum-based mortar?

A: Gypsum-based mortar is mainly composed of hemihydrate gypsum coupled with corresponding auxiliary materials and chemical admixtures, made by uniform mixing. In terms of using performance, generally it can be divided into gypsum-based plastering mortar for wall plastering and gypsum-based self-leveling mortar for ground leveling.



Q: What is self-leveling gypsum mortar?

A: Self-leveling gypsum for ground leveling (hereinafter referred to as self-leveling gypsum) is free-flowing and self-leveling on the concrete floor cushion, namely, to form a smooth surface under its own gravity and form a relatively ideal ground leveling layer of buildings, and is a base course material for laying carpet, wood floors and a variety of ground decoration materials.


The traditional practice of building indoor ground is to make a cushion on the top of floor slab (generally lime-slag compacted or concrete cushion), then to make a screed coat with cement mortar, and then make the surface course. This approach is both labor-consuming and time-consuming, especially for the screed coat, which needs to be manually leveled. However, if self-leveling gypsum is adopted, the screed coat can be directly poured on the cushion. After it gets hardened, users can do the finish layer on the top of gypsum screed coat according to their own will. The ground with the use of self-leveling gypsum in construction is accurate in size and extremely prominent in flatness, without hollowing or cracking. 24h later after pouring, it can be walked on; 48h later, operations can be performed on it. After drying, generally there is no need for further trimming, and its flatness can achieve a high level, so that PVC board or carpet can be directly laid on the ground. If the solid wood floors or floor tiles are applied, the amount of binder used is very small, not only reducing the weight of building ground, but also saving a large amount of binder. Since the thermal conductivity of self-leveling gypsum surface is much lower than that of cement mortar surface, there is no cold feeling when one puts his feet on it. The use of self-leveling ground materials for high standard interior flooring saves both time and labor, without the need for advanced plasterers to complete. The operation is easy, convenient and efficient, also likely for seamless large-area surface.

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