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Cellulose Gum

Sidley Chemical is one of the more prominent manufacturers of cellulose gum, one of the most useful and in-demand products in both foods and industrial uses. In fact, people around the world both use and consume products with cellulose gum inside, but often have little understanding of what this product actually does.

What is Cellulose Gum?

Basically, cellulose gum is a highly versatile material that is very cost efficient. The sheer number of uses for this product is many, but the main applications include the following;

–        Daily Chemicals

–        Food

–        Printing & Dyeing

–        Oil Drilling

–        Papermaking and more

Essentially, cellulose gum is a stabilizing product that helps in a number of different uses, particularly in foods and beverages. In fact, cellulose gum that is used in beverages helps improve the overall taste, makes it more resistant to high temperatures and preventing precipitation.

Where Does Cellulose Gum come from?

Extracted from pure cotton cellulose and wood pulp, cellulose gum can divided into two types, industrial and food grade which are separated by their purity levels. Essentially, industrial grade cellulose gum is less than 99.5% and is used for a variety of purposes. Only cellulose gum that is 99.5% pure or greater can be safely consumed and is used in a wide variety of food products. Although artificial sounding in nature, cellulose gum does come from all-natural sources.

How is Cellulose Gum Used?

It might actually be a better question to ask in what industries is cellulose gum ingredients not used. Cellulose gum is mostly used in food products as a stabilizing and thickening agent. You will mostly find this product in the following;

–        Milk and Milk Drinks

–        Ice Cream

–        Syrups

–        Yogurt

–        Baked Goods and more

In ice cream for example, cellulose gum is used to prevent the formation of ice crystals and provide a smooth taste as well. The water, protein and fats found in ice cream are better dispersed to create a stable mixture when the gum is used. In addition, cellulose gum greatly reduces the production costs of ice cream as well.

In addition to food products, the industrial grade cellulose gum is used in oil drilling, household items and many personal care products as well. The exact uses of this product vary depending on the application, but mostly the ability to thicken and stabilize the ingredients already found in these products is how it is mostly used. Because it mixes easily in hot or cold water, adds texture and stabilizes the pH balance, cellulose gum has become one of the most common products found in both food and household items.

How Sidley Chemicals Works for You

Founded in 2007 and specializing in the production, sale and export of cellulose products, Sidley Chemical is one of the leading manufacturers of this product. Providing top of the line products and technical support for their applications, Sidley Chemical has continued to research and develop new methods for providing its product to customers. This added emphasis help separate Sidley Chemical from its competitors by offering both support and solutions for businesses around the world.

cellulose gum

Cellulose Gum