Based on many years of experience in the application, SidleyChem offers specifically modified additives which help to reliably control fresh mortar properties, rheology and application performance as well as the final strengths and durability of tile adhesives and grouts respectively.

European standards for tile adhesives read more →

The tile adhesive mortar is the special adhesive mortar used for pasting ceramic wall and floor tiles, stone materials, etc., onto the substrate. According to the different composition, it can be divided into three broad categories: cement-based tile adhesive mortar, polymer emulsion tile adhesive mortar, and reactive resin tile adhesive mortar. The most commonly used.. read more →

The material composition of ceramic tile adhesive mortar generally includes: ①Cement: inorganic cementing material; ②Redispersible latex powder: enhancing the bonding strength for all substrates (especially non-porous substrates and large-size tiles; or pasted on the smooth surface and unstable substrates), increasing the tensile strength, reducing the elastic modulus, increasing the water retention, improving the workability, and.. read more →

02 Sep 2016
September 2, 2016

What is adhesive mortar?

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What is adhesive mortar?   A: Adhesive mortar is a kind of polymer reinforced cement-based ready-made dry-mixed adhesive mortar. It is made by mixing cement, quartz sand and polymer cementing materials with a variety of additives, has excellent flexibility and adhesion properties, as well as good sag resistance, water retention, water resistance, and easy operation,.. read more →

With the development of the cause of building decoration, in particular gypsum building materials continue to develop. For example, the construction of gypsum board used for partition within the wall requires the binder with a longer setting time; while the gypsum lines and decorative plaster used for construction requires the binder with a faster setting.. read more →

The building gypsum is the main raw material that guarantees the bond strength of adhesive plaster, and should meet the requirements of national standard GB / T 9776-2008.   As for the setting time of building gypsum, the standard requires that the initial setting be greater than 6min and that the final setting be less.. read more →