02 Sep 2016
September 2, 2016

What is adhesive mortar?

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What is adhesive mortar?


A: Adhesive mortar is a kind of polymer reinforced cement-based ready-made dry-mixed adhesive mortar. It is made by mixing cement, quartz sand and polymer cementing materials with a variety of additives, has excellent flexibility and adhesion properties, as well as good sag resistance, water retention, water resistance, and easy operation, enhancing the bond strength and tensile strength as well as preventing hollowing. It is available by directly adding water, so simple for construction, easy to operate and high in working efficiency.




Q: What is the scope of application of adhesive mortar?


A: Adhesive mortar is applicable to pasting interior and exterior wall tiles in buildings, and to bonding substrates such as the EPS polystyrene insulation board, XPS extruded plate, concrete, masonry brick blocks, and aerated blocks in the external wall insulation system.




Q: What are the raw materials of adhesive mortar?


A: The main raw materials are Portland cement or ordinary Portland cement, fine aggregates, slaked lime, cellulose ethers, redispersible latex powder, additives and etc.

The main function of cellulose in adhesive mortar is thickening, which is the most important function, and also the most intuitive, so that products of this type are often referred to as “thickeners”. This is likely to cause some misleading because the functions of such products also include emulsifying, dispersing, stabilizing, suspending, linking, rheology modifying, protecting colloids, water retention, bonding, film forming, and surface activation effects.

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