CMC Toothpaste Grade

Application of Cmc Cellulose in Toothpaste Industry


As the most important gum base in toothpaste, Cmc Cellulose has the following features.

Cmc Cellulose mainly plays a role in shape forming and pasting. With good compatibility, Cmc Cellulose enables toothpaste to remain stable and without water diversion, the paste has a good water-retaining property. Moreover, the paste is fine, smooth and clean, and has good forming capability, acid resistance, better rheological properties and thixotropy.

The toothpaste is the mixture of both solid and liquid phases, of which the solid component is abrasive powder. The powder enables the liquid to become stable suspension by homogenization and emulsification of surface active agents. The speed of the settling separation of particles in the solution is in inverse proportion to the viscosity of the solution and is also related to the rheological properties of fluid. In order to get stable paste, thickeners are usually used to improve the rheological properties of fluid. After thickeners disperse in the liquid phase, a kind of liquid with a certain viscosity or thickness can be formed. Consequently, as far as the toothpaste is concerned, it requires the thickener not only with good thickness and viscosity, but also with good thixotropy.

Cmc Cellulose of toothpaste grade has the following features.

1). Cmc Cellulose enables the toothpaste with appropriate viscosity, so the paste is in stripe and has a good framework. Also, it won’t fall down or thin out when attached to the toothbrush.

2). Cmc Cellulose has good flowability when squeezing out of a tube and has good shape formation after squeezing out.

3). The paste is not sticky or greasy, and disperses quickly when brushing teeth, so easy for brushing.

4). In the storage period, the paste is stable and won’t separate water.

5). The paste is fine, smooth and glossy and the abrasives in it can uniformly disperse, won’t granulate or become thick.

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