Water retention is an important property of cellulose ether. The factors affecting the water retention effects of dry-mixed mortar include the addition amount, viscosity, fineness, the temperature of use environment of mortar.   Effects of the Addition Amount of Cellulose Ether on Water Retention When the addition amount of cellulose ether is within the range.. read more →

Cellulose ether is a major additive in the dry-mix mortar. Although the addition amount is very low, it can significantly improve the performance of mortar. It can improve the consistency, working performance, bonding properties and water retention properties of mortar, and plays a very important role in the field of dry-mix mortar. Its main features.. read more →

How to choose cellulose ethers? In the dry-mixed mortar, the cellulose ether plays a role in such aspects as water retention, thickening and improving construction performance. Good water retention can avoid the sugaring, dusting and strength decrease of mortar resulting from water shortage and incomplete cement hydration; the thickening effect makes the structural strength of.. read more →