How to choose cellulose ethers?

In the dry-mixed mortar, the cellulose ether plays a role in such aspects as water retention, thickening and improving construction performance. Good water retention can avoid the sugaring, dusting and strength decrease of mortar resulting from water shortage and incomplete cement hydration; the thickening effect makes the structural strength of freshly mixed mortar greatly enhanced and the pasted tiles with better sag resistance; the addition of cellulose ether can significantly improve the wet stickiness of wet mortar. It has good stickiness for various substrates, thereby improving the performance of wet mortar onto the wall and reducing waste.

The roles that different varieties of cellulose ether play in the mortar are also not the same. For example, in tile adhesive mortar, the cellulose ether can improve opening hours and adjust the time; in mechanical spraying mortar, it can improve the structural strength of wet mortar; in self-leveling mortar, it can serve to prevent sedimentation, segregation and layering. Since different varieties of dry-mixed mortar have different technical requirements for cellulose ether, the manufacturers of cellulose ether will modify the cellulose ethers of the same viscosity, so as to meet the technical requirements for different dry-mixed mortar products and in order to facilitate the selection by the designers of dry mortar formulations.

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