Low Viscosity Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC-LV)

Low Viscosity Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC-LV)

 Our company adopts special process to produce PAC LV for drilling fluids. With strong water solubility, high resistance to salts, calcium and magnesium, and fluid loss reducing capability.

Polyanionic Cellulose can be used in various drilling fluid systems and shows very good fluid loss reducing capability especially in salt water, sea water and saturated salt water drilling fluids. Compared with CMC produced by conventional process, PAC LV has the following features.

1). With uniform substitution and high transparency, Polyanionic Cellulose can control viscosity and reduce fluid loss.

2). Polyanionic Cellulose is appropriate for the water-base mud of fresh water, seawater and saturated salt water.

3). The prepared fluid has better fluid loss reducing capability, rejection capability and higher temperature resistance.

4). The prepared fluid has better rheological property and can prevent the dispersion and swelling of clay and shale in high salt medium, so Polyanionic Cellulose can control the pollution of shaft wall.

5). Polyanionic Cellulose helps to stabilize the structure of soft soil and prevent the collapse of shaft wall.

6). Polyanionic Cellulose can slow down the accumulation of solids in the fluid when the drill passes through rock faces.

7). Polyanionic Cellulose can restrain the turbulence number in the drilling pipe and enables the reverse-flow system to keep the minimum stress loss.

8). Polyanionic Cellulose enables the mud to increase yield and reduce filter loss.

9). Polyanionic Cellulose can stabilize the foam of mud.

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