Today the market for natural polymer in the U.S. is predominantly motivated by the increase in the requirement for non petroleum based and eco-friendly products. Moreover natural polymer market is becoming more popular because of its increasing demand for pharmaceutical applications such as excipients, binder and filler in directly compressed drugs, wound dressing, and the treatment of arthritic-afflicted joints and more. There are a number of restraints and opportunities faced by the industry in addition to some surfacing challenges. In 2014 there is a major possibility of increase in revenues for companies dealing in these products.

Among the major natural polymer products you can include cellulose ether, starch and fermentation products, protein based polymers, and other natural polymers. Cellulose ether has dominated the U.S. market in terms of demand and continues to do so in the preceding years. It has main key applications in the areas of medicine, construction, food and beverage, cosmetics, and toiletries. Its derivatives have been used in diverse application including food & beverages, drugs, cosmetics, personal care, construction, surface coatings, etc. Among these the major market for medicinal use dominated the application market of natural polymers in terms of volume and revenue. Moreover it is one of the rapidly growing application sector followed by oilfield market.

Cellulose gum (carboxymethyl cellulose or CMC) is a versatile, cost-effective and easy-to-use thickening agent. It has number of industrial applications and it is largely found present in a range of products, including tobacco, paper and yogurt. It is widely used in food industry to thicken dairy products such as milk drinks, yogurts and ice creams. It aids to stabilize proteins in baked foods, syrups and beverages; it is used mainly as it adds texture and mouth feel. It is also helpful in forming oil-resistant film and retaining moisture in industrial and processed food products.

Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC), or cellulose gum, is used as a viscosity modifier, bulking agent, emulsifier, firming agent, gelling agent, glazing agent, humectants, stabilizer and more.

One of the natural derivatives of cellulose that is soluble in water is Polyanionic Cellulose. It is an excellent thickening agent, stabilizer having suspending properties. It is resistant to high temperature and widely used in Oil Drilling Fluid. It is more suitable for offshore drilling. The main functions of Polyanionic Cellulose in drilling fluid are commendable with several benefits. It has excellent heat-resistant stability, salt tolerance and strong antibacterial property. The slurry or fluid prepared from the product has better fluid loss reducing capability, inhibitory property and higher temperature tolerance.

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