Methyl cellulose and hydroxy ethyl cellulose can be used as stabilizers, thickeners and water-retaining agents in latex paints. In addition, they can also be used as dispersants, tackifiers, and film-forming agents in colored cement coatings. In latex paints, the addition of cellulose ethers with suitable specifications and viscosity can improve the construction performance of latex paints, prevent splashing, and improve storage stability as well as hiding power.

The main area of consumption abroad is the latex paint. Therefore, cellulose ether products often become preferred thickeners in latex paints. For example, Due to the good comprehensive properties, HPMC can stay ahead of thickeners in latex paints. For another example, because cellulose ethers have unique thermal gelation properties and solubility properties, good resistance to both the salt and heat, and suitable surface activity, they can be used as water-retaining agents, suspending agents, emulsifying agents, film-forming agents, lubricants, adhesives and rheological modifiers.

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