With the improvement of people’s living standards and the enhanced awareness of living environment health and safety, the whole society is calling for green building materials. Due to the advantages of being physically harmless and without polluting the environment, the water-soluble cellulose ether has become the first choice to replace the conventional harmful construction adhesives.

In addition, the scientific construction management is bound to make the building mortar also embark on the road to commercialization. Like the commercial concrete firmly established now, the mortar used in building construction should be prepared in advance according the ratio in the off-site plant by mixing and packaging dry ingredients, called ready-mixed mortar or dry mix mortar. When it is used at the construction site, only water should be added by the amount. In this way, it can effectively guarantee the mortar ratio and improve the building quality.

In fact, the above described tile adhesives, exterior insulation mortar and the mortar for self-leveling floor all belong to the categories of dry mix mortar, and are the pioneers in the commercial mortar. Therefore, the demand for cellulose ethers in building materials will continue to rise with the expansion of domestic development and production of the above new building materials. The cellulose ethers used in construction have very broad application prospects.

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