Sodium CarboxyMethyl Cellulose can improve the water retention value of coatings and prevent the water-soluble adhesive migrating into the paper, thereby improving the leveling property of coatings and improve the quality of the coating. And it is still a very good adhesive, with excellent adhesive force, 1 share of Sodium CarboxyMethyl Cellulose equivalent to 3-4 shares of modified starch or 2-3 shares of starch derivative compounds, reduces the amount of latex, and helps increase the solid content of coatings. When coating, it can function as a lubricant and is conducive to membrane separation,making the coating with good glossiness and avoiding the “orange peel” phenomenon.

We mentioned earlier in the chemical properties of Sodium CarboxyMethyl Cellulose that it has pseudoplastic property. This feature of it can give coatings “pseudoplastic property”, and under high shear-50, make coatings thinned, particularly suitable for coatings with high solid contents and speed coating. Since the aqueous solution of Sodium CarboxyMethyl Cellulose has anti-enzymatic performance and inert metabolism, it can give coatings very good stability, such as maintaining the uniformity of coatings and making coatings non-perishable in the storage period.


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