Effects of Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose on Water-Based Coatings

1. Thickening Effect

Compared with ordinary hydroxy ethyl cellulose ethers, the enzyme-resistant hydroxy ethyl cellulose has more ideal thickening effects. The dosage may be properly reduced and the cost will accordingly decrease.


2. Water Retention

The water-based coatings with the addition of hydroxy ethyl cellulose can effectively improve the water retention of their products. Even in the construction in a large area of dry basement or highly water-absorptive basement, the products can also form films.


3. Pseudoplastic and Construction Properties

When HEC is added to the water-based coatings such as the latex paint, in many respect it has good performance. In various shear, it has good pseudoplastic behavior. When the shear rate increases, such as mixing operation, the viscosity will decrease and can remain for a short period of time. In brushing and roller coating operations, it can effectively reduce the splashes and is convenient for construction. Then after brushing, due to the decrease of the shear rate and the increase of the viscosity, it can be attached to the wall and self-leveled, thus reducing scratches and improving construction efficiency.


4. Improving Pigment Flocculation

The water-based latex paint with the addition of enzyme-resistant hydroxy ethyl cellulose  is conducive to the dispersion of pigment and the stability of emulsion. It won’t make the pigment flocculate, can be well compatible with other materials, and improve alkali resistance.


5. Storage Stability

For the latex paint with the use of ordinary hydroxy ethyl cellulose, the viscosity will more or less naturally decrease over a period time of storage, leading to coating delamination. This is because the degree of substitution of ordinary HEC is relatively low, resulting in the bio-enzymes block the glucose unit, which can cause the decrease in viscosity. However, the enzyme-resistant HEC has high degree of substitution, so can effectively improve the problem, and thus has better storage stability.


It is believed that with the excellent performance of its own, hydroxy ethyl cellulose will play an important role in more fields.

Effects of Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose on Water-Based Coatings

Effects of Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose on Water-Based Coatings