Corona virus can be killed at 75% concentration of alcohol. Using alcohol hand sanitizer to clean hands can help to protect health and block the spread of the virus. There is a large demand of hand sanitizers globally, which has caused the raw material- Carbomer 940 continues to be out of stock and the prices soared. To cope with the shortage of Carbomer, HPMC was introduced to be used as thickener for alcohol hand sanitizer after our research and experiments. Our HPMC products performance can fully achieve the effect of Carbomer in thickening, suspending and transparency.

We can supply two grades of HPMC-4000cps and 10000cps. According to different viscosity types, the application dosage can be adjusted to optimize production method and lower cost.

Recommended Formulation

Hand Sanitizer Gel
1Alcohol 95% denatured70.0700kg
2Hydroxypropyl MethylCellulose (HPMC) 1.01kg
3Glycerin 98%2.52.5kg
4Propylene Glycol2.52.5kg
 Formulation #2: Replace Alcohol 95% by IPA 99%


  1. Glycerin, propylene glycol and other products have moisturizing effects, and will not cause harm to the skin.
  2. Dosage of HPMC can be adjusted according to different viscosity to save cost.

Application Method A:

  1. Heat 1/3~ 2/3water to above 85℃, add HPMC to disperse and blend it into hot slurry. Cool the slurry with the rest of cold water and keep blending for 30~60mins to get a viscous HPMC solution.
  2. Predissolve alcohol, Glycerin 98% and Propylene Glycol proportionally; pour HPMC solution into the predissolved mixture; Kepp dissolving for 10~20mins till all ingredients get dispersed evenly.

Application Method B:

  1. Prepare 24% of water and add 1% of HPMC powder slowly into it to avoid aggregation. Keep blending till the solution becomes clear, which will take about 30~60mins.
  2. Pour the HPMC solution slowly into predissolved solution of alcohol, Glycerin 98% and Propylene Glycol. Keep mixing for10~20 mins till all ingredients get dispersed evenly.

Remark: Method B is an alternative option, because it takes longer time to blend and costs more energy; if HPMC dissolution is unevenly, the transparency of gel will become worse and      has gel particles inside.

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