HOW TO MEASURE VISCOSITY of HEC with heat and spinning.

  1. Finding moisture value of the sample powder
  2. Prepare sample to prep for solution making
    1. By calculating from
      1. Weight of the sample used(gram)= ((100+%moisture)*3) / 100
    2. Measure and add DI water at 297g into a beaker (size 600ml) not yet add the sampling powder
    3. Bring the beaker from no.3. on to Hot Plate stirrer of Magnetic Stirrer machine and stir until DI water reach 65 degree celcius (not yet add the powder)
    4. Adding the powder of no.2 , remain temp. at 65degree and stir 20minutes
    5. Take the beaker out of the Hot plate and keep stirring cold (not on hot plate) for another 40minutes (stir on the stirrer)
    6. Adjust total weight to have 300gram by adding DI water then stir for another 10 minutes
    7. Pour the solution into the beaker size 250 ml leave the beaker at 25degree celcius for 1 hour
    8. Do the viscosity test with Brookfield RVT machine, needle no. 4, speed20rpm for 2 mins
    9. Leave the solution 1 more hour then test again (second time test)
    10. Leave the solution 1 more hour then test again (third time test at 3rd hour)
    11. Report the final result at the 3rd hour test.

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