Use of Hydroxyethyl cellulose


Since the surface-treated hydroxyethyl cellulose is powdery or cellulose solid, as long as attention is paid to the following items, it is very easy to operate and make it soluble in water.

1. Before and after adding hydroxyethyl cellulose, keep stirring until the solution is completely transparent clear.

2. Slowly sieve into the mixing bucket, and do not put in bulk or directly add the hydroxyethyl cellulose that has formed lumps or sphericity into the mixing bucket.

3. The water temperature and the pH value in water are significantly related to the dissolution of hydroxyethyl cellulose, requiring special attention.

4. Never add any alkaline substance into the mixture before the hydroxyethyl cellulose powder is thoroughly wet by water. Increasing the PH value after it is thoroughly wet can help with its dissolution.

5. Add preservatives as early as possible.

6. During using the hydroxyethyl cellulose of high viscosity type, the concentration of the mother liquor should not be more than 2.5-3%, or the mother liquor is difficult to operate. The hydroxyethyl cellulose after post-processing is generally not easy to form lumps or sphericity, and will not form hardly soluble spherical colloids after adding water.


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