What are the advantages of ready-mixed mortar?

The advantages of ready-mixed mortar are as follows:

The first refers to many varieties of mortar. The dry-mixed mortar products in Europe has reached several hundred types, including masonry, plastering, bonding, repairing, decoration and other broad categories, and for each category there are several to dozens of varieties. In China, there are about 20 varieties of mortar with product standards. With the rapid development of mortar in China and deepening of research fields, more and more functional new varieties of mortar will continue to be developed and applied. The preparation of these kinds of mortar with different functions and uses requires specialized techniques as well as professional and technical personnel. Only the specialized mortar production plant is possible to achieve.

The second refers to quick material preparation and construction. The wet-mixed mortar is transported from the factory to the site, then stored in the special container, and used as taken. For the use of dry-mixed mortar, just add water or supporting liquids to stir and the stirring quantity can be adjusted according to the amount of use and speed of construction. However, the on-site mixed mortar needs to purchase raw materials, and also requires enough space for stacking. In construction, it also needs metering and mixing respectively, time-consuming, labor intensive, inefficient, and slow in progress.

The third refers to good water retention, operability and durability. Ready-mixed mortar is developed by professional and technical personnel with extensive experience according to project needs, so the quality of mortar has been ensured. Furthermore, the specialized equipment is used for the preparation of mortar, ensuring accurate batching and uniform mixing of mortar. However, the on-site mixed mortar is lacking in management of experienced professional and technical personnel, and management lags behind, so it is difficult to ensure the quality of the mortar.

Fourth, quick material preparation and construction of ready-mixed mortar can greatly reduce working hours; reasonable batching of ready-mixed mortar can avoid the unnecessary waste of material; ready-mixed mortar is of specialized production and of good product quality, which can not only avoid the waste of material during on-site mixing and avoid the rework caused by quality problems, but also can reduce maintenance costs. Despite an increase in the unilateral costs of ready-mixed mortar, the overall costs have been reduced; ready-mixed mortar is convenient in material preparation and construction, and good in quality.

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