What are the economic and social benefits of developing ready-mixed mortar?

A: Developing ready-mixed mortar is a major technical and economic measure to save resources and protect the environment, an important content of promoting the transformation of growth mode and adjusting the industrial product structure in the building material field, with significant social, economic and environmental benefits, and a major event that benefits both the country and future generations. In addition, developing mortar of special purpose will be able to replace some of the imported products and solve the special requirements for material properties in some projects. The popularization and application of ready-mixed mortar will bring better economic and social benefits for material production and construction enterprises.

① Building ready-mixed mortar can improve the quality and production efficiency of product, with ease of use.

② The stability of quality of ready-mixed mortar will bring high performance of products, improve the quality of construction, and greatly reduce the maintenance cost in the late stage.

③ Although the cost of mortar is increased, in the construction process it may save money and obtain high quality as well as durability of the final product. Whether in the short or long run, it has significant economic benefits.

④ A lot of industrial waste is added into mortar, which not only saves resources and reduce environmental pollution, but also reduce product cost.

⑤ The research and development of new mortar varieties of different uses will expand the application fields of ready-mixed mortar. Through the development of new varieties of mortar, the needs of new construction techniques will be met and new construction technologies will be developed.

⑥ It helps adjust the industrial structure and product structure of cement and is conducive to the development of bulk cement.

⑦ It helps protect the environment, improve the environmental quality, maintain the ecological balance, reduce the impact of construction dust on the atmospheric environment.

dry_mix_mort developing ready-mixed mortar

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