Unlike traditional mortar, ready-mixed mortar not only requires certain strength, but more importantly requires good water retention, adhesion, workability and so on. In order to ensure good workability of mortar, it is necessary to add water retention thickening materials into mortar, such as cellulose ethers, thickening powder, plasticizers, etc. Since wet-mixed mortar is transported to the construction site after well mixed in the professional production plant, and the amount transported is relatively large, it will not quickly use up and will need to be stored for some time at the construction site. Therefore, water retention thickening materials and admixtures of retarding effect have thus become the essential component materials. These two components make wet-mixed mortar maintain the operability for a long time before the actual use. It should be used up before the hardening of mortar, and normal setting and hardening will appear again once used.

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