26 Jan 2016
January 26, 2016

What is building mortar?

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What is building mortar? What types?

  A: Building mortar is a construction material mixed with an appropriate proportion and hardened from inorganic cementitious material, fine aggregate, admixtures, water, and other components determined in accordance with performance, in construction mainly playing a role in bonding, padding and transferring stress. According to the production characteristics of mortar, it is divided into mixed mortar on construction site and ready-mixed mortar produced by professional production plants.

According to the purposes of mortar in construction, it can be divided into mortar of masonry, plastering, ground, bonding, decoration, insulation and other categories. The first three categories of mortar are largely and widely used mortar varieties currently at home, of which masonry mortar is to make the brick (block material) bond as a whole, i.e., the wall; the plastering mortar is coated on the wall surface, on the one hand playing the role in leveling the wall, on the other hand, playing a role in protecting the wall, so it not only ensures the conditions for the use of the building, but also decorates the wall; the ground floor not only protects floor and terrace, and makes the ground surface flat, conducive to decoration, but also has moisture, abrasion resistance and other properties. The rational use of mortar plays an important role in saving cementitious materials, facilitating the construction and improving the project quality.

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