Application of Edible CMC in Pastry Food


1. Applications in Noodle Processing


(1) As a thickener and binder, CMC is added into the wheat flour because CMC also has strong dispersion and water retention characteristics. Furthermore, the aqueous solution of CMC is a network structure shaped colloid and its adhesive force is particularly strong, so the addition of CMC into the blank of instant noodles can shorten the kneading and mixing time, be easy to operate and shape, increase the toughness and strength of noodles, reduce the discount, thereby improving grade product rate.


(2) The aqueous solution of CMC is different from that of the general natural colloids. After addition, it enables to make the internal organization of noodles uniform and stable, the surface smooth, and the taste smooth and chewy. In addition, saving oil and prolonging the shelf life of fried instant noodles play very key indicators in the production of instant noodles, and the oil content in the fried instant noodles is generally 20% -25%. During making the noodle blank in the production of fried instant noodles, after adding CMC, the structure and chewiness of noodles have been improved and the water content of dough has been increased. In addition, the CMC solution has hydrophilic and oleophobic properties, and can form a layer of thin film on the surface of the noodles, so can effectively reduce the oil content of noodles, and make the instant noodles enhance the toughness, hold the length, not easy to be broken, and easy to shape.

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