Stabilizers and Tackifiers

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose has dispersion, suspension and stabilizing effects in the paste products with solid silty materials. In the liquid or emulsified cosmetics, it has thickening, dispersing, homogenizing effects. Therefore, it can be used as stabilizers and tackifiers.

Emulsion Stabilizers

It can act as emulsifiers, tackifiers and stabilizer of ointments and shampoo. CMC can be used as the binder and stabilizer of toothpaste, with good thixotropic properties, so that the toothpaste can have good formability, without deformation for long setting, and have a uniform and fine taste. CMC has superior resistance to salts and acids, so can be used as the tackifier in detergents.

Dispersing and Thickening Agents

In the production of detergents, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is generally used as the soil dispersing agent of powder detergents, or as thickening and dispersing agents of liquid detergents.

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