Calcium Formate


Calcium formate is the white crystal or powder, it’s nondeliquescent, can be dissolved in water, it can insoluble in alcohol, non-poisonous, PH is neutral, and can be resolved under 400℃.

Character: white crystal or powder

Physico-chemical property: slightly hygroscopicity, tastebitter,neutral, non-poisonous,

dissolved in water, resolve>400℃



  1. For Building Materials


It can be used as rapid solidifying agent, lubricant, early strength agent for cement and in building mortar and various kinds of concrete, accelerate the hardening speed of cement and shorten the setting time, Especially in winter , it can avoid condensation rate too slow under low temperature. And it parting very fast, the cement can be put into use as soon as possible.

In dry mixed mortar products, such as insulating mortar, ceramic tile adhesive, cement base plaster mortar, repair mortar, waterproof mortar, etc, in order to improve their early strength, usually high alumina cement is added, gypsum is used as a coagulant, and antifreeze is needed in low temperature environment. Calcium formate as a early strength agent has a dual role, as well as to speed up the hardening of cement, improve the early strength, avoid the condensation speed too slow in winter construction, or low temperature and moisture, , to let the cement products improve strength and put into use as soon as possible, it can making special contribution to the early strength.


0.5-1.0% calcium formate for 1 MT of cement mortar and concrete, and the maximum amount is 2.5% of cement. However, the amount of calcium formate in winter will be increased with the decrease of temperature, and the dosage is about 0.5-1.0%, even in summer, the amount of 0.3-0.5% is obviously effective.

  1. New high-efficiency feed additives

Calcium formate is widely used as feed additive, which can be used as acidifier, fungicide and antibacterial agent in all kinds of animal feed, and can be used as feed acidifier for citric acid and fumaric acid. It can reduce and regulate the pH of gastrointestinal tract, promote digestion and absorption of nutrients, and have the function of disease prevention and health care, especially for piglets. Calcium formate is used as a feed additive for piglets, which can promote the appetite of piglets and reduce diarrhea rate. In the first few weeks after the weaning of piglets, adding 1.5% of calcium formate to feed can increase the growth rate of piglets by over 12% and feed conversion rate by 4%.

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