With the continuous development of China’s building ceramics industry, full polished glaze tiles, ceramic stone, thin sheets and other new products have begun to become popular on the market. New ceramic tile body of various water absorption rates and of different properties emerging, the bonding properties of traditional cement mortar have been difficult to meet the market demand, also bring the potential safety problem of exterior wall tiles falling. Thus, tile adhesive begun to draw the attention of construction enterprises and consumers. So, where does the excellent performance of tile adhesive lie in? What are the pros and cons compared with the traditional cement mortar? How are the current market acceptance and development prospects? In the article a brief analysis of this new technology will be made.

Perfection of Two Advantages PK Traditional Sticking Technology

Ceramic tile adhesive is also known as tile adhesive, gray or white powder made of cement, graded fine sand, synthetic resins, cellulose ethers and special additives, and is an ideal adhesive material. “Compared with the traditional cement mortar, tile adhesive has advantages in many aspects.

“Ceramic tile adhesive belongs to flexible materials, and the characteristics are adhesive bonding, not easy to fall off, especially suitable for some vitrified tile products with a low water absorption rate of green body”. While cement belongs to rigid materials, will be deformed with the thermal expansion and contraction of stress after bonding between the green body and the wall, and can easily lead to falling off. Meanwhile, manual mixing is adopted in cement mortar, so it is difficult to control the quality of cement, fineness of sand and content of mud, and whether its ratio is reasonable, the amount of material is in place, mixing is uniform or not will affect the quality of cement mortar; while the ceramic tile adhesive is not the same, using the mechanically automated uniform strict ratio, eliminating the construction quality problems caused by uneven manual mixing, and the application is convenient, used by directly adding water.

And in terms of economic benefits, although the material cost of tile adhesive is higher than that of cement mortar, the amount is only about 1/3 that of cement mortar. Energy saving, environmentally friendly, it can also effectively reduce the load bearing of building, lighten the load of building, and increase the use area of space.

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