In 1905, Suida first reported etherification of cellulose, methylation of dimethyl sulfate.

Dreyfus (in 1914) and Leuchs (in 1920) respectively obtained water-soluble and oil-soluble cellulose ethers.

In 1921, Buchler and Gomberg obtained cellulose, and carboxymethyl cellulose was made by Jansen in 1918 for the first time.

In 1920, Hubert obtained hydroxy ethyl cellulose.

In the early 1920s, carboxymethyl cellulose had been commercialized in Germany.

Between 1037 and 1938, the United States had achieved the industrial production of MC and HEC.

In 1945, Sweden began the production of water-soluble EHEC.

After 1945, the production of cellulose ether was rapidly expanded in Western Europe, the United States and Japan.

By the end of 1957, China had first put into production of CMC in Shanghai.

To 2004, China’s production capacity is 30,000 tons of ionic cellulose ethers and 10,000 tons of non-ionic cellulose ethers. To 2007 it will reach about 100,000 tons of ionic cellulose ethers and over 40,000 tons of non-ionic cellulose ethers.

Domestic and foreign joint technology enterprises are emerging. China’s production capacity and  technological level of cellulose ethers are constantly improving.


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