Application of MC (Methyl Cellulose) in Food

Earlier MC can be used for the stability of beverages, preventing dehydration of frozen food, and for bonding meat and bread to retain water and prevent scorching.

MC and low methoxy pectin ester solution coated on a lot of nutritious foods can improve the strength and oil resistance of brittle food, make the oils of food not leak, and prevent the mutual adhesion of food.

It can be used with spices and pigment to prepare the fruit pulp for adult group, as the center of bread and candies.

In foods containing protein, adding MC, sodium alginate and water can prepare a slurry, and then a small amount of calcium chloride or calcium lactate can make it a gel. It can make hot & sour or not sweet food. It has thermal stability and can also be frozen.

MC can also be used in ice cream, ice milk, frozen yogurt and other cold drinks to thicken.

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