In drying mixed building materials, such as thermal mortar, ceramic tile adhesive, cement base plaster, repair mortar, waterproof mortar and etc, in order to increase their early strength, usually high alumina cement and gypsum are used as coagulants. Antifreeze should be added under low temperature environment, calcium formate as a new type of setting-Accelerator has dual effects, it can expedite the setting-Accelerator rate of cement as well as to avoid to slow down the speed of condensation in winter construction or under low temperature and humidity, to increase the intensity of the use of cement products as early as possible, especially make great contribution for the early strength.

Calcium chloride has been used as setting-Accelerator in construction for a long time, while it has the effect of corroding steel reinforcement, chlorine-free coagulants have been developed at home and abroad. Calcium formate is an additive that has no corrosive effect on reinforcement, it mainly accelerates the hydration of tricalcium silicate in cement and increase the early strength of cement mortar. The effect of calcium formate for the strength of cement mortar mainly depends on the content of tricalcium silicate in cement. The less of tricalcium silicate, the better of the effect of early strength, it will not attenuate the later strength of cement mortar, and it can anti-freeze under low temperature.

  1. Product Feature

Calcium formate is a concrete additive to accelerate the solidification and setting-Accelerator of concrete, it means:

1)Shorten the initial setting time;

2)The normal change of cement retardation under low temperature condition;

3)Increase the rate of early strength growth;

4)Shorten the closing time of concrete precast parts in the module;

5)Shorten the time for concrete to reach the load capacity;

  1. Technical performance and characteristics

1)Calcium formate is white crystal;

2)Under standard curing conditions, calcium formate can make concrete solidifying within 4 hours. Its strength can reach 5Mpa in about 8 hours, which can make the cast-in –place concrete get off the mould smoothly.

3)At the same time of making sure the early strength of mortar/concrete, calcium formate can increase the strength of them, and there is no damage to other technical properties.

  1. Application and Usage

1) Calcium formate is used for ceramic tile adhesive, cement base plaster mortar, repair mortar, waterproof mortar, thermal mortar and wear-resistant ground and putty and other products.

2) Calcium formate is generally no more than 0.7% of the total amount of mortar;

3) Calcium formate is compatible with other additives and can be stirred in blender in proportion with cement, sand and other additives.

  1. Physico-chemical Property

The molecular formula of calcium formate is Ca(HCOO)2 and its molecular weight is 130.0. It’s white crystal or powder with hygroscopicity and tastes slightly bitter. Neutral, non-toxic, soluble in water, water solution is neutral.

Specific gravity: 2.023(20℃)

Bulk density: 900-1000g/L

Pyrolysis temperature: >400℃

Resolution Data Sheet:

Unit:g/100 g of water
0℃ 16.2
100℃ 18.4
Unit:g/100 g of methyl alcohol
15℃ 0.27
66℃ 0.23


  1. Package
  • Standard Packing: In 25kg paper bags inner with PE bags
  • Big Bag or other special packages are possible on request.
  1. Usage, storage and transportation

Powder is easy to absorb moisture and should be stored in a sealed original bag, be placed in a dry place. No more than 40℃ and don’t overstack. Be careful during transportation to avoid damage and damped. It is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-combustible products.

  1. Validity time

For a year. You can continue to use it if there is no lump after one year.



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