Why develop ready-mixed mortar?

The traditional building mortar is mixed on site by the construction unit itself, and its shortcomings are also increasingly displayed, such as the poor and unstable quality of mortar, single species, the low level of civilized construction and environmental pollution. These factors have promoted the development of ready-mixed mortar.

Ready-mixed mortar is a new type of building material developed with the technological progress of construction industry and requirements of civilized construction, having such advantages as high in the product quality, wide in the variety, high in the production efficiency, easy to use, little pollution to the environment, easy for civilized construction, etc. It can use a lot of fly ash, slag powder, construction waste and other industrial and construction waste materials, and can promote the popularization and application of bulk cement. The superiority of ready-mixed mortar in quality, efficiency, economy and environmental protection has been increasingly displayed and gradually recognized with the research & development and popularization & application. Just as the realization of commercialization of concrete, the commercialization of mortar is an international development trend and marks a certain level of development of construction industry. Therefore, it is imperative to phase out the site mixing mortar and use the ready-mixed mortar of industrialized production. At present, China has begun to actively promote the application of ready-mixed mortar, with the amount of use growing rapidly year by year.

Promoting the use of ready-mixed mortar is an important measure to reduce urban pollution, improve the atmospheric environment, save resources, develop bulk cement, ensure the quality of construction project, improve the modernization level of construction, achieve comprehensive utilization of resources, promote the civilization of construction, and achieve the sustainable development.


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