22 Dec 2016
December 22, 2016

What is masonry mortar?

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Masonry mortar is an integral component used to bond bulk materials as a whole and constitute some desired functional properties together. Masonry mortar mainly plays a role in masonry construction, load transfer and deformation coordination, and is an important part of masonry structure. Although masonry mortar accounts for only a relatively small part of masonry structure, it has a greater impact on the overall performance of masonry structure. The quality of masonry mortar has a direct effect on the strength of masonry, especially the shear strength of masonry. With the development of new wall materials, there have been more and more types of bulk materials, such as various sintered bricks, non-sintered bricks, concrete blocks, lightweight aggregate concrete blocks, aerated concrete blocks and so on. Since various types of bulk materials are different in properties and size, the requirements for masonry mortar are also different. Therefore, there cannot be a kind of universal masonry mortar, and the quality of masonry engineering can be guaranteed only by selecting the suitable masonry mortar according to the characteristics of each bulk material. It is an important direction of dry-mixed mortar to develop the special (masonry) mortar.


Affected by many factors such as the construction technology, level of building industrialization, material quality and building habit, Chinese building forms are mostly multiple floors and high floors; building structures are mainly cast-in-place concrete, frame structures and brick structures. The features of Chinese building structures have determined the large masonry amount of wall body, poor smoothness and large plastering amount of wall surface. The features of such building structures will not be change in a short time. Therefore, for a long period of time in the future, there is still a need for a lot of ordinary plastering mortar and ordinary masonry mortar, thus providing a broad market and development potential for the application of ready-mixed mortar.

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