Calcium Formate, Ca(HCOO)2, formula weight 130.0, is a kind of white or yellow powder or crystal, non-poisonous,taste bitter, it’s insoluble in alcohol and can be dissolved in water, The aqueous solution is neutral. The solubility of calcium formate doesn’t change a lot with temperature variation, 16g/100g water under 0℃,18.4g/100g water under 100℃,pyrolysis under 400℃。  .. read more →

Calcium Formate   Calcium formate is the white crystal or powder, it’s nondeliquescent, can be dissolved in water, it can insoluble in alcohol, non-poisonous, PH is neutral, and can be resolved under 400℃. Character: white crystal or powder Physico-chemical property: slightly hygroscopicity, tastebitter,neutral, non-poisonous, dissolved in water, resolve>400℃ Application:   For Building Materials   It can.. read more →

Calcium formate, Ca(HCO2)2 (or. Ca(HCOO)2), is the calcium salt of formic acid, HCOOH. It contains 31% of calcium and 69% of formic acid, with neutral pH and low moisture. When used in feed additive, it can prevent loss of vitamins and decomposes into free formic acid under the effect of gastric acid, thus lower the.. read more →

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calcium formate for use as a preservative infeed for all animal species This opinion concerns the re-evaluation of calcium formate for use as a preservative in feed for all animal species and categories. Calcium formate is currently authorised for use as a preservative in feed for all animal species, but is not authorised as a.. read more →