The main Redispersible polymer powders currently used in the market are: vinyl acetate vinegar and ethylene copolymer latex powder (VAe/E), ethylene and vinyl chloride and lauric acid ethylene vinegar ternary copolymer latex powder (E/VC/VL), vinyl acetate vinegar and Ethene and higher fatty acid vinyl ester ternary copolymer latex powder (VAe/E/VeoVa), vinyl acetate vinegar and high.. read more →

Finished 50MT HPMC production. It is used in Dry-mixed mortar. read more →

basic concepts of cellulose ether In dry mortar, the addition of cellulose ether is very low, but it can significantly improve the performance of wet mortar, which is a major additive that affects the performance of mortar construction. The cellulose ether is mainly made of natural fiber, and is processed by alkali dissolution, graft reaction(etherification),.. read more →

Acidifiers are mainly designed for weaned piglets as feed additive to compensate for lack of gastric acid in stomach. The research of acidifiers has a history of over 40 years. In 1960, people in feed industry found that piglet diarrhea can be relieved by organic acid. After that, simple acidifiers were used to lower pH.. read more →

Set-Accelerator refers to an additive, which can increase the mortar strength and has no significant effect on the later strength. According to the chemical composition, it is divided into two types: organic and inorganic.The organic includes Calcium Formate , Triethanolamine, Triisopropanolamine, Urea, etc. And the inorganic includes Sulfate, Chloride and so on. The effect of.. read more →