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China, as a big producer and user of ceramic wall and floor tiles, and the tile adhesive, as an important component of products in the dry powder mortar field, have been increasingly attracting widespread attention in the industry. As the country has developed a series of standards, the ceramic tile adhesive market has been further.. read more →

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Effects of Cement Slurry with the Addition of Cellulose Ethers on Ceramic Tile Bonding   Abstract: In the cement mortar, add different kinds of cellulose ethers to make the bonding paste. This paper studies the effects of the dosage for different kinds of cellulose ethers and the open time of slurry on the shear strength.. read more →

26 Jan 2016
January 26, 2016

What is building mortar?

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What is building mortar? What types?   A: Building mortar is a construction material mixed with an appropriate proportion and hardened from inorganic cementitious material, fine aggregate, admixtures, water, and other components determined in accordance with performance, in construction mainly playing a role in bonding, padding and transferring stress. According to the production characteristics of.. read more →

What is ready-mixed mortar? Ready-mixed mortar refers to the wet- or dry-mixed mortar produced by professional production plants. Wet-mixed mortar refers to the wet mixture of cement, fine aggregate, mineral admixtures, additives, water and other components determined according to the performance, with a certain proportion, metered and mixed in the mixing station, transported to the.. read more →

Why develop ready-mixed mortar? The traditional building mortar is mixed on site by the construction unit itself, and its shortcomings are also increasingly displayed, such as the poor and unstable quality of mortar, single species, the low level of civilized construction and environmental pollution. These factors have promoted the development of ready-mixed mortar. Ready-mixed mortar.. read more →